Hunting for the famous white bee hoon

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I guess when i mention about Sembawang White bee hoon, you will probably tell me " is nothing new" but to me, it is pretty new cos until now i have yet got a chance to eat it yet. Boo. how can i call myself a food blogger right? lol.

Ok, back to the famous white bee hoon. it is located opposite Sembawang shopping mall. Despite i been to the shopping mall many times and yet i failed to discover this gem that is just opposite lo. ~ Fail. lol. So yesterday my brother brought me there and to my surprise, there are a couple of restaurant that sells white bee hoon. The famous one actually is the first one that you turn into the lane and near the stretch of landed houses. we wanted to join the queue for it but it was super duper long. Sadly, we went to one of the restaurant there instead

This restaurant is called Yi Jia Le seafood
Address : 10 Jalan Tampang, Sembawang, Singapore 758954
Tel : 6555 5300

they served mainly zi char style of food and they have variety of dishes on their menu. The price is quite reasonable but the food is so so only.  they do offer delivery service island wide with min order of $50 bucks with $3 delivery charge

white bee hoon @ $8 (large)

To me, this dish is nothing special. taste almost like typical horfun style except it is using white bee hoon. The serving is very little although is largest in size. quite generous with the sotong and prawns. This dish is too much sauce and slightly too salty for me

mongolian pork ribs @ 10 bucks (small)
 i don't find this dish very special and it taste like black pepper pork ribs. the only different is that this pork ribs doesn't have bones lol. this dish is ok for me only

stirred fried nai bai @$8 (small)
normal stirred fry. not much comments about it

Seaweed soup @ $8 (medium)
too much MSG. i can feel like drinking a super big bowl of them. lol.

Last but not least, seafood tofu @ $15 bucks
super generous with ingredients and is quite nice. but sadly, they did not made the tofu themselves so i guess is a little minus for this dish. =(

Food : **
Price : **
Customer service : **1/2
Overall, will i come again? No. but may use their delivery service