of hello...from my new apartment!

just wan to let u all know...i MOVED!!!! to the apartment at OneRockwell. settling in. Internet is up finally after 1 day. i feel so out of touch without internet even for 1 day!

well, i move to a 1 bedroom unit at OneRockwell yesterday noon. it was in a mad rush! but i m glad i moved cos i have my own kitchen and i can cook meals now! the unit comes with everything except washing machine, rice cooker and kettle..lol..of cos i din buy my own washing machine...but i bought the rice cooker and a electrical kettle..it is so cheap here! of cos not those branded ones...i bought my rice cooker less than 20 bucks? electrical kettle for slightly more than 10 bucks! probably will bring the rice cooker n electrical kettle bk to singapore for my own use in the office? lol...also bought some sauce pan and pot...

thinking of investing in a coffee machine which is also less than 20 bucks..slightly more than 10..lol..is really those kopi making machine ok?! must take picture for u to see.

today i also bought some food and i m cooking tml night! excited! so the apartment looks little more like my house now..lol..i got eggs, veges, dried products, sauce, juices and blah blah..lol..

excited to see the apartment i m in?? let me show u around...

my fav ..kitchen..i love the open concept
but it will mean the smell of cooking spreads to the sofa n every part in the living room..

living and dining area


the bedroom

the barang i bought...

the pot + sauce pan that cost 1100 pesos

rice cooker less than 20 bucks

electrical kettle that cost slightly more than 10..n my breakfast...i also bought knives today for cutting veges n meat..nt in the picture

finally i can have coffee liao..those 3 in 1 type lol

dinner in preparation for tml...

last but not least..some pictures of the night of manila out of the apartment balcony

i love to cook and i love my PEN


  1. Judging by the pictures, all corners of your new apartment look extremely classy, especially the kitchen - it's like the one I see in the magazines. Also, your interior photography is superb, Shirley. How long have you been inclined with photography?

    1. thanks. i m here for 3 mths. sorry for the late reply. i had been inclined with photography for more than 5 yrs. started with a nikon d50 and now a d90 and PEN

    2. Not bad for a three month photographer. I must say, you're really good, PrincessMic. :) My brother also uses a D50, by the way. I'm glad that your new apartment's a little more like my house. I bet you could be comfortable as you can around the room! :P

    3. tks. d50 is really a gd camera. =) the apartment is really great except i m bk now in singapore. cant wait for my own one to b ready..i will definitely take pictures n post it! stay tune


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