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Monday, June 12, 2017

[Personal] My kids and cameras

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I think most people would have realize that I am a mother of two now! a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old going to be ( turning one in Sept). I would confidently say that I am very contented with my current family life now - a doting husiban, two lively kids who fill my heart, 2 furry kids.
so I also realize that they are growing up very are my furry kids. therefore, I will bring my camera with me all the time. just to capture precious moments spend with them. =). I used to think that iphone can capture everything, well, I cannot denied that this is the most convenient way but sometimes I feel that the photos are still not as good. so usually I will bring my camera out. everywhere I go, I will ensure that my cameras are with me other than my handphones - of cos my handphones has turn into Zachariah's I guess cameras are still the way for

somehow I still feel that traditional cameras still works the best for me. be it a micro four third / DSLR..
so as times goes by my requirements for a camera has also increase. so these are my top 5

1. from traditional heavy DSLR, I search for DLSR quality cameras that is of smaller size T10 / Alpha 7II
2. from many lens I used to bring to only 1 good quality one
3. from crop to full frame
4. from camera bags to camera wraps
5. my camera must come with WIFI so that I can upload my photos immediately without transferring to my laptop

so what is your fav? traditional camera or handphones for capturing your precious moments?

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

[Personal] Zachariah's first dental appointment

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So, Hubs went to make appointment for Zachariah at the dentist. I guess this trip is more to get him familiarized  with what dentist does and the equipments? and also to teach us how to brush his I guess he is not pretty excited over this.

so the dentist manage to take a look at his teeth and also clean some of them

basically I feel that he is too young for this. but is a good exposure though. anyway. the total cost is about close to 100 plus for the experience .lol

and I don't think I going to sign nahnah for this lol

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

[Recipe] Popo Lye's Hakka Yong Tau Fu

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400 g of minced pork / chicken
500g of fish paste ( Ready made)
Dash of pepper
corn starch ( if use pork)/ corn flour (if use chicken)
Tau kee ( 1 bag from market)
Tau pok ( 6 pieces)
Tau fu ( slightly harder type)
Bittergourd half
2-3 Ti Po (dried flat fish)
1 slice of salted fish ( Mui hiong - Mackeral fish)
2-3 tablespoon of bean paste
light soya sauce to taste
water ( more if you want more soup)

Mix the minced meat in 1 direction. The tip is to make it into a paste by 1 direction so that the meat is not tough. Add in corn starch for pork and mix in 1 direction until it turns into a paste.

Add in pepper and fish paste. Mix evenly in 1 direction. I use hand to mix so it is easier for me to control. The end product should have a tangy feeling

Pan fry the salted fish until golden brown. Add in the salted fish into the paste and mix evenly
Pan fry the ti po until golden brown. Blend it into powder ( if you refer to have some texture, do not need to make it to fine powder). Add into the paste amd mix evenly

Cut the bittergourd in slides of 1 inch width and remove the seeds. Put the paste in between the bittergourd.

Cut a small hole in the tau fu and put the paste inside

Spread the paste on 1 piece of tau kee and then cover it with another piece

Note: you can put the paste on any vegetable you like too. For example Chili / lady fingers..etc

Heat up a wok with oil and deep fried the items and put aside

For Sauce
Add 2 table spoon of oil and salutee the bean paste until fragrant, add in the water follow by the items and shimmer it until soft. Serve when hot
The amount of water is dependent on the number of items u have and how soupy you want it to be. for me, i prefer it slightly more soupy cos i like to go with rice. =)

I would like to take this chance to share the story of this dish to commemorate my late Popo

My late Yeye suffered a stroke when he was in his mid 40s when my daddy was very young. At that point of time, my late popo raised 5 young kids single handedly by making yong tau fu and selling them.  At that time, after my yeye suffered from a stroke, both my yeye and popo left the house ( my 2nd popo - yeye's second wife) and stayed in a kampong. Despite being very poor, my popo never fail to ensure that her children has food to eat and a roof to stay.

When I was in my teens, I was a very rebellious girl and I refused to learn anything from my popo. I speak no hakka nor learn the culture of hakka until my popo passed away in 2008 (even until now lolx). I started to know that she cooked wonderful dishes but these were all lost as she did not pass down her recipes. My only source of info will be my daddy. After she passed away, my daddy missed her very much that I decided to remake one of her dishes. After many attempts, I managed to achieve the taste that was "gone". So afraid that this recipe may be lost, I decidd to blog this down as part of my memory.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

[Personal] Zachariah and Hannah's trip to the Zoo

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Last yr I brought Zachariah to the zoo on his birthday. Technically speaking is River Safari. At that time, he was only 1 yr old and I was pregnant with Hannah so I don't dare to explore too I took on the small part of the zoo...Read here

this yr, I decided to be more adventurous and went to the main one. In fact, I went there 2 times straight in a week cos Zach din managed to see some of the animals he love. Since then, he started to fall in love with Lion. -_-

Now at age of 2, he is more interactive and he really enjoy the trip very much

For those who are going to the zoo, do take note of the important things to bring
1. umbrella in case rain
2. insect repellent ( very important cos a lot of mosquitoes)
3. hat / cap
4. water bottle ( refill is available - water cooler)
5. baby carrier ( I brought a stroller and I find it a hassle to bring it up and down the tram)
6. portable electric fan

Think that's about it!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

[Food Review] L'Rez - Nanyang Polytechnic

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Well this is not the first time I dine at L'Rez actually and is my XX time hehe. L'Rez is a restaurant operate by the NYP students and recommended by my Neighbour who is a lecturer there. The food menu is actually part of the students' final year project and the restaurant also serve as the internship place for them too.

L'Rez offer fine dining cuisine at affordable price and with 15 bucks per pax ( Public), you get to enjoy course meal. With a small top up, you can opt for their mocktail or their "high end" coffee like Cappuccino or Latte.

L'Rez also changes their menu every school term. For dinning at the restaurant, do call to make reservation and also check out on their website for menu and opening hrs. Note that sometimes due to school holidays or term break, the restaurant may not be open

Entrée - u can also choose between 2 of them

For main course, you can choose between 2



Thank you to my wonderful neighbours who make my birthday so special this yr! Thanks Andy and Cindy

Friday, May 19, 2017

[Food Review] Birthday celebration at Etna Italian Restaurant

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this year i can finally eat to my heart content lol. no more control diet hehe and we can have couple time together. so hub brought me to Etna - a Italian restaurant. the place is very cosy and is packed with people. do make a booking if you wish to dine there. The food wise i would say that is very good especially their pasta. They are famous for baked fish but you will need to preorder. we ordered their grilled fish which is as good and is very fresh too

their starter. is raw beef and is very good

their pasta

the grill fish

tiramisu and their little surprise for me..they sang me a birthday sweet

thanks dear for everything. i love u

Address50 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089514
Open today · 12–2:30PM6–10:30PM

Saturday, February 18, 2017

[Product Review] Keeping my facial condition with BeautyKeeper - a online website that sell Taiwan beauty products

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i would like to take this opportunity to thank #samplestore for sharing this product with me. A total of 4 type of products has been send for me and every since i have been using it. I love it very much and below is my top 3 fav products!

Beauty Keeper is a online website that brings Taiwan award winning products to you. If you are a fan of Taiwan skin care products, you will love it like i do

The first product that i want to share is the Mdmmd's Water-drop Cream

if you are a fan of water based product, i am sure u will like this too. The texture of the cream is super light and easily absorbed into the skin when u gently massage it . And also because it is a 3-in-1 skin care product combining toner, serum and lotion. so if you are a "lazy" person like me, this product is really for u! It not only helps to moisturises the skin especially i sleep in air con room and stay in air con room all the time, anti also improves appearance my fine lines around my eyes, repairs  and keeps skin healthy.

Next is the Macarons mask. the pastel color of the mask container really interest me hehe. each and every one of them contain a mask. The amount of mask is quite generous and so far, i always apply generously on my face. My favourite is the green one as it is not only a mask, it is also a scrub. 

next is the Mdmmd Upra Age-Delay Revive Toner. our skin age all the time especially if you do not take good care of them, it age even faster! the Age - Delay Revive toner, not only helps to slow down the skin aging, it also help to repair my skin too. so after my facial wash, i will pour generously on a piece of cotton pad and pad it all over my face. The lotion gets to absorb faster into my skin by doing so. after using it for 3 weeks, i can see improvement on my skin especially my face now is no longer dry and too oily anymore.

the products can be purchase directly @ #beautykeepertw

Thanks for reading this XOXO