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Friday, May 19, 2017

[Food Review] Birthday celebration at Etna Italian Restaurant

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this year i can finally eat to my heart content lol. no more control diet hehe and we can have couple time together. so hub brought me to Etna - a Italian restaurant. the place is very cosy and is packed with people. do make a booking if you wish to dine there. The food wise i would say that is very good especially their pasta. They are famous for baked fish but you will need to preorder. we ordered their grilled fish which is as good and is very fresh too

their starter. is raw beef and is very good

their pasta

the grill fish

tiramisu and their little surprise for me..they sang me a birthday sweet

thanks dear for everything. i love u

Address50 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089514
Open today · 12–2:30PM6–10:30PM

Saturday, February 18, 2017

[Product Review] Keeping my facial condition with BeautyKeeper - a online website that sell Taiwan beauty products

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i would like to take this opportunity to thank #samplestore for sharing this product with me. A total of 4 type of products has been send for me and every since i have been using it. I love it very much and below is my top 3 fav products!

Beauty Keeper is a online website that brings Taiwan award winning products to you. If you are a fan of Taiwan skin care products, you will love it like i do

The first product that i want to share is the Mdmmd's Water-drop Cream

if you are a fan of water based product, i am sure u will like this too. The texture of the cream is super light and easily absorbed into the skin when u gently massage it . And also because it is a 3-in-1 skin care product combining toner, serum and lotion. so if you are a "lazy" person like me, this product is really for u! It not only helps to moisturises the skin especially i sleep in air con room and stay in air con room all the time, anti also improves appearance my fine lines around my eyes, repairs  and keeps skin healthy.

Next is the Macarons mask. the pastel color of the mask container really interest me hehe. each and every one of them contain a mask. The amount of mask is quite generous and so far, i always apply generously on my face. My favourite is the green one as it is not only a mask, it is also a scrub. 

next is the Mdmmd Upra Age-Delay Revive Toner. our skin age all the time especially if you do not take good care of them, it age even faster! the Age - Delay Revive toner, not only helps to slow down the skin aging, it also help to repair my skin too. so after my facial wash, i will pour generously on a piece of cotton pad and pad it all over my face. The lotion gets to absorb faster into my skin by doing so. after using it for 3 weeks, i can see improvement on my skin especially my face now is no longer dry and too oily anymore.

the products can be purchase directly @ #beautykeepertw

Thanks for reading this XOXO


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[Personal] Seoul Good Day 6 and 7

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So Chris and I were thinking of exploring another place further away from the city area which is really really far. We took the train to the extreme last station to visit their indoor snow park call oneMount. Is really fun but taking a train for long hour with Zach is no joke cos he fuss alot in the train.

So we woke up in the morning and headed for some jukk place call Jukk. this place is slightly different from Megabon as they offer more variety of jukk. so we took our breakfast there and tabao some for zach for his lunch

so it was drizzling by the time we reach there

had a quick simple meal at one of their restaurant there. their Zha jiang meon is really good

snow park actually turn out to be a bad idea cos the place is cold and we are totally not prepare for that coldness...i mean is ok for us adults but really bad for zach
we din stay very long so we end up visiting their aquarium instead

we wanted to queue to sit the sledge but end up did not do that cos is super cold for zach so we left

so we left and went to their aquarium instead

is weird as they also have animals and birds in the aquarium haha

after that we took a long train back to Meonydong and then head to one of the local restaurant for some BBQ meat again...yummy

thanks dear for all the pampering hehehe

so for day 7, we took a afternoon flight insteadd of a night one..bad choice for us cos zach did not sleep throughout the flight and he was screaming and crying. it was so bad that the air steward requested us to move all the way back to the cabin to calm him down before returining to our seats.
our last breakfast in seoul before heading down to the airport

dunkin donuts is really good...their eggs tarts and coffee yummy!

pretty summarize up my korea trip. i do hope to travel with Hannah too..i wonder how is it like lol..hmmm...

of story of Faith ~ our new family member

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Today post is not about food or holiday but my new family member ~ Faith. As many of you would have known, Ronnie passed away a month ago and i have difficulties in coping actually. I cant be alone else i will start to think about Ronnie and why he left me, what i have not done enough for him. To the extend, i even have the intention to quit my current job cos i hated this job so much, it deprived me of 3 mths from Ronnie when he is still very much healthy (although i am the one who took up this job). but i just cant help it. i hate myself for taking this job.

Even though i try to move on but still, i cant help thinking of the past cos Ronnie is too dear to me. I took up the courage to do adoption / volunteer myself for fostering / keeping myself super busy but still it doesnt help. And then i always wanted to keep another dog ( at that time, is to keep Ronnie company) but now is to keep me company.So i keep pestering LL to get one. however he hesitated for our house is not ready and he wants to keep a retriever.

But recently my situation has gone so bad that LL decided to go ahead with our plan. We started looking around for retrievers at pasir ris farmway from big pet shops to the small ones ( like puppy mills) . We took 1 day just to look for a puppy but we couldnt find one that we like. I wanted to get a female puppy as previously Ronnie told me that he wants a girlfriend so i want to hold this promise to him ( at least this is something that i can do now). but the dogs there we couldnt find any connection with them. So LL decided to post on his company website to see if any of his cols have any puppies to give / sell away. a week passed, no one replied.  He then went to google for sale of puppies from home breeders and also tried to contact his uncle from Msia to see if he has puppies too. there is no replies from his uncle either. nevertheless, we tried calling each contact posted on the internet. there are some that are hoax, they came back with the same email format that tells u that they are having brain surgery and if we pay them $250, the dog will reach our house in the next 24hrs. bullshit. although we want to get a pup but i wont fall onto that.

it was until we called one of the advertisement ( the paws factory). and the home breeder told us that he has 2 female puppies for sale ( wow x1) but one is already reserved for viewing ( awwww) on Friday night. and i told LL about this. so we decided to leave it to God's hands already. then the next day, i receive a sms from the home breeder that he already sold one and ask if we are interested in viewing the other one. so we decided to view the puppy. after viewing, we told him that we need to consider but we made the decision to bring her back during dinner. so immediately after dinner, we rush back to bring her back. LL and I keeps thinking of what name to call her on our way there already. We google all the Christian names for dogs as we feel that she is really a gift from God to us. to me. and we decided to name her Faith.

"Its love at first sight for us and God gives u to us, so we name you Faith. Hoping you will grow strong and healthy, staying happily with us as a family together with our Faith in God. Amen"

and yes, now i am very happy. i still think of Ronnie at times. and Ronnie will always be in my heart

[Personal] Seoul Good Day 5

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so for Day 5 we decided to explore Itaewon instead hehe. so we woke up earlier in the morning and headed down to the restaurant below Megabon for yummy hot beef soup. Their beef bone soup is very thick and white in color. Not very "beef" smell, for those not so beef lover will understand what i mean haha. there is a smell in beef if it is not well cook.
we also ordered their dumplings and dumplings soup. super big size dumpling lo. so full at the end of the meal.

Then we did a little shopping before heading down to Itaewon. The good thing about Korea is that the place is very baby friendly. People including old folks will give up their seats for you if u are pregnant or carrying a child / baby. Then the next is their changing room in their major shopping malls, they come with everything include cots for the little ones and also changing stuff like wet wipes, butt cream..etc. also a sterilizer for you and bottle cleanser lor

us with the crying baby behind us

had some local food like the locals for lunch hahaha
their fish cake is really good and yummy...also their fried rice cake..although is abit too spicy for me

had some coffee at their cafe...very nice place manz

for dinner we headed back to Meonydong to meet my macau friend.  so glad to see him in Seoul. Actually i met him in Busan and then we meet up again in Seoul for dinner. Forgot to take a photo of him but hey! i got photo of his camera..hahaha..such a co-coincidence that we are using the same camera! and he inspire me to get a 35mm f1.4 lens we went to this restaurant call Empress for some good beef!

the korean pancake is really good! yummy. i miss the food in Korea..especially beef expensive to eat beef in Singapore sob....when can i go again?................