of skinny pizza

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I always wanted to try skinny pizza as i heard much raves about it from my friends and food blog reviews but sadly, din really have the chance to try it. Why? Cos no buddy lo. Finally last friday, got buddy to accompany me to try it leh! so happy lor.

so Friday, here i m, meet up with my food buddy WJ for lunch @ Plaza Sing. Skinny Pizza Located at the new extension of Plaza Sing. the place is rather small so when we are there, it is packed with alot of people. Food serving becomes really slow too as we waited for more than 30 mins for our food to arrive. =(
Pizza wise, i still prefer Mozza @ MBS ( also thin crust). The Skinny pizza crust is too crispy for my liking. =(. but i do recommend their truffle fries!

We took their set lunch special for 45 bucks. you get to choose 1 pizza, 1 main , 1 side dish and 2 drinks which i think is super value for money for us ( cos the food can serve 3 pax lo). to make it super value for money, we ordered their super expensive items in the menu hahaha. anyway, this is what we had.

the elegant black pepper prawn linguine - 25 bucks
smoke turkey swiss - 25 bucks
truffle fries - 7 bucks
drinks - approx 10 bucks??

in total, the food we ordered is worth more htan 45 bucks muahahaha.

our pizza. we took their smoked turkey swiss. the combination of blueberry jam and ham and cheese is really good. i love their pizza except for their over crispy crust.

The elegant black pepper prawn linguine. a little too peppery for us but the prawn is really fresh and big! super value for money ( for our set meal)

truffle fries. we super love it! 

Food : ***
Customer Service : ***
Price : *** ( if you order their set meal)

for more information about Skinny pizza, do visit their website