of PEN-ING XiaMen ~ seeking your roots part 2:Hakka Food

this is my second post on my xiamen trip. so lets talk about food. this is not my first trip to china so i more or less expected the type of food i will be having in china. however, this time round, i am going back to my hometown, i am still quite caught by surprise by the food. to me, my knowledge on hakka food will be the abacus yam thingy, mei cai kou rou, yong tau fu and the shun pan. but this time when i was there, i had none of these. strange isnt it? but i do had the traditional hakka food except those are cook when they are welcoming guests.

but the food really brings me back memories and i do understand why my ah poh like to add alot of oil when she cook and she simply love pork + duck. i used to remember when my mum is doing her confinement and my ah poh took over the role of cooking meals for the family. she loves to cook pork and cabbage -> is like everyday every meal. her dishes are so oily that you will not want to eat more..a little will make you feel so sinful and guilty over the food ( of cos when i am young i wont bother abt getting fat. but you know the taste? one mouth you feel so "ger liat" ( no more appetite) haha)...

hmm...here are some of the pictures of the food we had. i din take pictures of all meal as the dishes are more or less the same and beef balls are the famous in our hometown.

well, our hometown people are very heart warming and they are very delighted that we come back especially our generation. To them, not forgetting our roots is very important and a very valuable family value that we should have. and they always ensure that we dont go hungry by stuffing us with alot of food and drinks. although this is my first time there, i do feel at home especially i see the similarity among us ~ we are all hakka. despite us from different village, but they are like one big family. very united.

after so many days of sinful food, it is time now for me to detox haha. i feel so fat nowadays and even fatter now. grrhhh...

cheers ~

i love to eat and i love my PEN