of PEN-ING XiaMen ~ seeking your roots part 3:Pieces of Xiamen

Ah...this is the last post for my Xiamen trip le.

anyway. is a short trip so not much to post about xiamen as we spend most of the time at our hometown. so here are some of the pictures i took randomly using Oly. although the weather is quite good for pictures taking ~ all pictures turn out to be bright and clear but the weather is super hot. grrhh..i hate hot weather. prefer cool or cold countries. that's y u see i like to travel during winter period lol.

pictures taken on the flight lolx. since already taken so dun waste it...decided to showcase it here lol.
food on the plane this time taste terrible lol
the plane is cute haha..the wings is pointing upwards
nice sunset taken outside the hometown hotel
streets at our hometown...is like a small city...but the actual hometown doesnt look like this...
this is the actual xiamen shopping street. very much like taipei or hongkong...and zhu hai...!
not much different from hometown right? haha. let me show you a rough idea of how the hospital in hometown looks like haha..very much like those scary movie lor.
haha..anyway..here is the end of the picture mess that i posted lol. ending with a nice sunset view on the plane hehe
i love to travel and i love my PEN


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