of pen-ing first trip to Manila ~ bits and pieces

well, i was away in Manila for meetings last week. hehe. yes..my first trip in my job. a very short and pack one. great exposure for me as i get to meet alot of people and learning more new things.

since this is a working trip so the post is probably quite boring cos i din take much pictures haha. tried playing around with the instant pix lol. i think i waste alot of films cos i just  couldnt get it right..D####..

anyway here are some of the bits and pieces of Manila

taking a peek at the hotel room...the bathtub is really small haha
u might be thinking y 2 beds right? cos the single king size ones are not available lor..

din really do any shopping too except buying water for consumption cos we were told not to drink directly from the tap. the ones that the hotel provided is not enough for our daily consumption too...2 small bottles only =(. oh, i bought 2 packs of bathing salt for only 2 bucks each...SGD...n gums for bunny...

this is the street of Manila..btw, i stayed at Mekati...which is consider the town area too.

someone told me i must take picture of the street in Manila to show i m here lol...and sunset
 their famous yam and mango ice cream - a little too creamy i feel
their hotel brekkie is damm good. i love their bread..very soft..

last but not least...pieces of Manila except for Ronnie's pic...haha..taken in singapore one..

i love to shoot and i love my PEN


  1. Cool! Reminds me of the times when I used to fly to Manila.

    Hey, just realized u're also a S'porean. I'm holding a Giveaway @ my blog; u may wanna try your luck. Fabulous Loreal Giveaway @ Luxury Haven!

  2. hi gal, yup i m a singaporean hehe..thanks i bookmarked it too...


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