of picking up a new hobby ~ bowling..

i got my own ball and shoes now! due to my deformed hand, the house ball cannot fit me so bo bian, need to get my own ball. my fingers is very strange and i wouldnt have notice it if i din start bowling. my 4th finger has no joint according to the pro shop guy. lolx. and my finger cannot even bend accordingly. =(. so it justify my purchase of my custom made ball lor.

i took up the package for 305 - a storm ball + shoe + 1 bag lor. the actual price is 265 for the package but i top up 40 bucks for a better ball ~ storm ball. the pro shop guy is really very gd and detailed in drilling the holes for my fingers on the ball.

if you are interested in customizing your own ball, you can head on down to
Ken's Pro shop @ Kallang leisure park

so what can i say about the new hobby? i like it. haha. some improvement in the game, i hit above 100 on wed nite lol. some kind of achievement i have cos this is my 4th time i play this game ( proper)...