of satisfied customer of online shopping

frankly speaking, i am not a "fan" of online shopping as i had very bad experience with online shopping previously until lately.

Hazyham recommend me this website where i can get very good deals for cosmetic stuffs like my clinique skin care products, makeup stuff..etc. the website even sell sample products for clinique and i can use them for my trips haha (although i always like to bring big bottles but sometimes i still bring the small ones ok?). enough said, the website i am raving about is....http://sg.bestbuy-world.com/

before i did my first purchase from the website, i did a research on the products i want to buy. i went to metro clinique counters, sephora ..then i compare the prices shown on the website. indeed, it is very much cheaper ( at least by 10-15%) lor.

being a littlee "auntie", i decided to give this website a try so i did my first purchase with the website (my foundation, pressed powder and my daily washing foam lol). for foundation and pressed powder, i went to the facial counters and try out the color code before i make my purchase online. the picture shown on the website mignt not be the same and sometimes you cant get the exact color code on the existing one you have. so i recommend that you go down to try it first. so within the next few days, i receive my loots all in order and nicely packed!

 i also decided to try http://www.gmarket.com.sg. i bought a couple of things from this website too. my fuji instant fine pix, my eyeshadow, my thumbdrive( lazy to go out n buy ), and my recent purchase for my niky 90. which so far, this is my best purchase. i bought a leather neck strap (red) for only 40 bucks (usual price 60) and a cleaning cloth which is about 4 bucks ( the cloth is like a bag where i can also use it to put my camera too).

so i not only love my oly pen, i also love my niky 90. i make sure they get the same treatment one lor

i also bought the instant film from the website and they are very much cheaper than in singapore! i bought 1 plain and 1 pooh bear for about 36 bucks. and when i purchase online, i can by 4 films at the price of 44 bucks ( 1 plain and 3 cartoons). damm..it is so bloody ex here lor. the camera itself is also much cheaper. it cost me over 100 bucks here but only 88 there with lotsa freebies. tmd. well, thats about it on my recent online shopping spree so far..

ps : actually my first online purchase is my miumiu bag from reebonz la..haha..and i shall blog about it later lor..