of Happy Chinese New Year to everyone

Sorry folks, a little busy lately with work especially after coming back from Manila. well, this year, i start off my first overseas trip with Manila (for business). so i haven't been to any holiday yet.=(. i hope i can do some traveling (for leisure) soon.
one of the updates is i got a macbook pro as my old netbook died on me.( not really died just i think got some virus i can't remove unless i format the hdd and i don have the recover the recovery disk.dammit.hopefully i can make use of it. downloaded a couple of photo editing software and playing with it.
so this is one of the masterpiece i created using the macbook pro. so here we are, wishing everyone a Happy water dragon ahead 2012!
Chinese new year seems to be a little short this year. today is already the second day and we are going to work tomorrow. hmm. holiday always short right? yesterday is a crazy one, we went house visiting and we still couldn't finish the house visiting yet too. it started with visiting TTSH as my grandma was admitted before the new year eve. this also explain this year is a bad one for me. grandma is down with some virus attack which cause some respiratory problems. after that, head to my uncle house and my youngest auntie house. still haven't visit my second, third and youngest yet. we had so much fun, polaroid photo taking, munching of chinese new year goodies and my cousin Jas even help me to do manicure lo lol.
so today is second day and i just finished my work. hopefully i can complete it soon and this year will be a good one for us.
anyway, Happy new year to all!
all pictures taken using nikon d90.


  1. Happy Dragon Year, and regards to the Grandma!!
    Take care and keep writing! =)


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