of i heart mousses

it has been quite sometime i last post on some beauty product so i decided to post one today ( despite i m on medical leave today ~ down with fever plus flu...so hardworking right?)
i have been using mabeline's bb mousse for quite sometime. clinque foundation has always been my favorite as it is very light and not oily for me. i was shopping one day and i happen to see mabeline's bb mousse at watsons. out of curiosity, i decided to give it a try.
and i love it! it is like painting your face with a thin layer of foundation. very much like water color. when u press the nozzle, the rich mousse just come out and you just simply need to apply it evenly on your face. the mousse will quickly turn into liquid form for easy application. tip : do not press too hard on the nozzle if you do not want a lot of mousse at one time. remember to shake well too.

this is the best i have so far and i am love it so much that i decided to dump the normal type of foundations muahaha.
i am half bottle of the mousse now and i m tempted to try out the one by she uemura. hehe.
the difference between the two is...

1. price
 shu uemura cost almost 2 times more than mabeline's i bought my mabeline at about 26 bucks if i rem correctly while the shu uemura is 65 bucks

2. color
shu uemura has 3 types of mousse foundation and the one i bought contains the BB component inside. the color is slightly lighter than mabeline. mabeline only have 1 color.

3. coverage
both are equally good for covering fine lines. a simple test will be using your palm. not sure about your palm is the same as mine, mine has a lot of fine lines and both can cover the fine lines well but shu uemura covers my pores better lo.

4. texture
shu uemura is finer i feel and more watery and lighter but covers the pores well.
5. SPF
both gives 30 ++

overall, i love both. =)


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