of a simple dinner marks the end of valentines day

this year, boring....nothing special. went for my pilates class as i am suppose to have 1 make up lesson left  ( was traveling so i missed 1 lesson)

as usual, busy with work, busy with my own activities. did not plan for any dates or have any dates ( so sad right). so after my lessons, went down to amoy for a simple dinner.

hey, you don't need to have big fish big meat ( expensive) dinner ok? a simp 2 dish + 1 soup is good enough right? is the company that counts.

sambal kangkong

prawn paste fried chicken

i don't know if valentines day special or not but uncle is super generous with the fish soup that day

usual place - Quan Ji at amoy market. our favorite place for dinner and our fav dishes ( other than geylang hokkien met + frog leg porridge). Simple dinner to mark the end of the day. 

Valentines day is another normal day to me lol. sound boring..yes..haha

i love to eat and i love my PEN


  1. Great food for a great day. Some might say Valentine's Day is great, but not me. Pls do read why i call it a scam:)

  2. yup. totally agree. those ppl try to mark up prices during this day. not worth it to dine at restaurants

  3. Everywhere was crowded on that day. And the fish soup looked yummy!! =)

  4. yup. it is! u can go to amoy st market lor..


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