of steam boat at fat fish

well, i think this is a super long post. i went there for dinner in dec lo. this post suppose to be last yr post and i forgotten about it muahaha... it was a long day after my flight from Manila and CD took me to downtown east for steamboat after picking me up from the airport.

 we have heard much raves on fat fish steamboat and so we decided to try it out. the price is close to cocoa after ++. the variety is not as much as we expected it to be. the fish glue - we still prefer the one at cocoa. after we select the soup based, we then proceed to select the food from the list that we given to us. we are allowed to order multiple times except for certain special dishes ( and fish glue is one of them).

 they also practice no food wastage. so if you order more than you can finish, u will be penalized. i support this!! haha..anyway here are some of the pictures taken

i love to eat and i love my PEN