of first visit to Yunnan Garden for dinner

Yunnan garden is previously located at IMM when i know this restaurant. then they shifted to one North - the NTU alumni building. the restaurant is a bit smaller than when is located at IMM. probably because they can know have a ball room for weddings so the size is reduce?
the place is quite quiet and i think they serve a lot of old customers. the food i would say is good. their sub kan hor hun ( black bean paste rice noodles) is really good. they have set meal for per pax too. it comes with 5 dishes and 1 desert.
shark fin soup
coffee pork ribs - this is good
fried rice - we did a change as the set meal we ordered comes with fried udon. their customer service is very good as they allow us to change dishes we wanted.
desert - gui ling kao
pictures are all taken using PEN

I love to eat and i love my PEN


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