of food in Manila

guess it would b quite boring for everyone to read my blog and everyday it says the same,  i work, i eat and i nua and FaceTime my love ones back in the hotel. well, this is pretty much it for my stay in Manila..i don't really dare to venture out on my own anyway.

so before i move to my apartment ( which is still unknown yet - based on the last update)..so this is what i going to do lor.

anyway i going to share on some food in Manila. it is pretty much like singapore, u can find korean food, chinese food, thai food..etc in Manila. The food taste almost alike except it is very localized. i guess this is pretty much the same for other countries too. korean food in Singapore taste different from those you had in Korea too!

Today, i tried the Korean food near my workplace. it cost 105 php and it comes with free flow of drink. very much food court price which is about 3 bucks

very much like food court right? lol. same like Singapore lor. instant noodles for 3 bucks lol.

chinese food,  taste very much different from Singapore and those that mummy cooked. oh my, i miss mummy's cooking a lot. it cost me 220 php ( 6 sgd) but i can say it worth a single shit of it. it has scallops in it and the serving is so much that i couldn't finish it again.

the yakutt (5 bottles) here cost 40 php which is about 1.20 sgd...and i m starting to drink them on daily basis to clean my intestines ? lol

healthy lifestyle ...or not so?

i love to blog and i love my PEN