Saturday, May 26, 2012

of some random post...

nothing much happen lately. except some unhappiness in work bk in Sg, me being sick again - sore throat, fever, flu and cough. not recovering well for my cough. so today will be a day in for me. watch drama and rest at home. do a little bit of house chores as i did not sweep the floor for 2 wks. i bought a dry box for my dslr so yes..i can hear the shutter sound of my dslr any time. bought some house hold stuff as well including a new broom. i bought the scotch britte one that is very much similar to the magic clean mop. the existing one is those old one that the broom thingy always come out and so difficult to sweep..grrhh..
anyway here are some of the food pictures i cooked over the week.
cabbage with egg. i cook this when i touch down in manila on sun. it is very easy to prepare.

cabbage, the vege can be kept for a long time. you can cook it with many ways. i love cabbage. another way is to fried with dried is not only yummilious , it is also very high in calcium too ( according to Dr Mummy Lai). i prepare the below on one of the nights..very easy to prepare too. i add sardines and make it a more healthy dinner haha...

my dinner yesterday. was bk hm early cos was having a fever. nt wanting to go out for dinner, decided to cook my own. corn soup and broccoli with pork belly. it is really good! i just add oyster sauce to the broccoli for taste! is really yummy...

all pictures are taken using PEN, i love to cook and i love my PEN



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