of wonderful Sunday and happy week

well, dont say i never venture out of Rockwell ok? i did! last Sun with YJ. We headed down to Fort Bonifaco High Street for lunch @ Alo. It is a restaurant selling authentic philipino food! and i can tell u ..it is really yummy. this is the second time there ( first time during biz trip). This time is with YJ. She bought me lunch that day cos my birthday treat! Thanks YJ! i enjoy your company and the food alot!

outfit of the day = my Taz T shirt + my newly bought Zara shorts. i love the color.

the restaurant

the food

this is pork something haha..i cant rem the exact name but it is pork cooked in prawn paste. sinful it is but is really yummy! i love it

another fav dish - giseng giseng...fried kang kong stem in coconut milk?

watermelon with ginger juice..i tot it will taste funny but it taste good lo.. very refreshing for hot weather

after lunch we spend some time walking around the area. din really buy anything..

YJ also bought me to this yummy Ramen restaurant near makati..i think i posted it before..but still..i cant help it! i want to post it again! haha...i love the miso soup and the egg..is really gd!

i love japanese noodles..i also bought 1 packet to cook..i just simply cook the noodles., mix it with oyster sauce + sesame oil. and it is done! a recipe pass to my mum by our late neighbour popo...i miss her..

m so happy cos i m flying hm to spend my first wkend in Singapore...and it is going to b a short week for me. and i also book my macau tickets + hotel..so i will b going to macau with YJ! EGGCITED!!!!

i love to eat and i love my PEN


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