of Bao Gong Hk street Jumbo Jen Poo Kee

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Located at a corner of Blk 721 Clementi West St 2, the big signboard that is next to the entrance to the carpark you can hardly missed. This is the favorite zi char location we used to patronize when i was studying in uni. My daddy will drive us there for dinner over the weekends and now it is our turn to drive daddy and mummy there for dinner =) .

the food still taste very much the same as before. They are very famous for their fish soup with XO too. I prefer theirs over the Holland V one as theirs is less bitter in taste ( maybe the wine that they add is not as much..lol)

Food: ***
Price: ***
Customer Service : ***

this time round we order some other dishes.It happen that my mama is on vegetarian diet and they make an exception to cook hor fun with veges only. lol. and this simple gesture makes my mama super happy lol. cos the usual vegetarian stall in the market is closed.so she is very happy with her hor fun

for us, we are more heckcareless over religion diet lol. especially for me. muahaha. anyway, we ordered tapioca leaves with fermented bean curb. this is my fav dish especially if i sense myself getting a sore throat soon and still have cravings for tapioca leaves lol. the vege is not overcooked and doesnt taste that old which is very much to my liking. =P
next is seaweed soup. this soup comes a little blend to me. but i m super happy with the amount of seaweed they put inside lol. m a fanatic when comes to seaweed, i can eat them cooked or even those like titbits all day long.
sweet and sour pork. usually is the dish that i sentence the stall to "live" or "die". fortunately, they managed to "live" but if i compare it with the one at my place, they will "die" lol. cos i taste more flour than the meat itself.
last but not least, their homemade toufu with cereal. this dish is quite new to me. i quite like their toufu. it is mixed with fish paste and deep fried. it taste alittle similar to cereal prawn except the prawn is replaced with toufu. overall this dish is quite appealing to me and i will order it again.

will i return for more? Yes of cos! never forget this zi char place that accompany me all these while!