of dinner @ 1036 Live Seafood

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 This Zi Char coffeeshop is located at one corner of 1036 Sembawang road. The place is alittle dark at the carpark area ( offers free parking) but is brightly lilted at the coffee shop area.Overall the food is quite nice and reasonably price.

Food : ** 1/2
Price : **1/2
Customer service : ** ( the waitress just dump the menu at us rudely and when we ask her to take our orders, she simply ignore us. )

we ordered a few dishes and maybe it is not their signature dish. and we weren't told which are their signature dish due to their bad customer service ma. refused to even talk more le.so we just ordered what we like

Hotplate toufu.this dish is quite ok. generous with the ingredients and not too salty. but i feel the dish is abit not "hot" when served.

Fish Maw soup. we love this. also, very generous with the amount of fish maw. the soup is not too thick unlike some.

stirred fried beans. not too bad except the beans is super long and makes it difficult to eat

butter pork ribs. strangely i dont find any bones in any piece of the meat. the meat is a little too tough for me and too "jer lat" (over cloying) for my liking. but if you take 1 or 2 piece is still ok.