of Jpot-ing @ Vivo city

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like many of my post, i always wanted to try new food but need kakis la. so on the very faithful thursday, i got 2 kakis to go jpot with me haha. Jpot (opened by jumbo) is located at Vivo city #01-53. always packed but lucky for us, we did not need to wait very long.

there are various soup based to choose from ( about 4-5). you can choose 2 pots for sharing or 1 pot for each pax. however, we took 2 pots for sharing (jpot special broth and tom yam soup based ~ refillable). The ingredients is ala carte based and each plate cost about 0.5 ( for egg) until  X amount ( cos they sell fresh seafood so it depends on the weight ). The ingredients comes in small plates which i find the quantity is very small so we ended up ordering repeated ingredients or double the quantity for each order ( imagine chicken hotdog comes in 2 pieces only lol per 1 order).

You also need to mix your own sauce for the food which i feel it will taste a little weird with sesame sauce + chilli paste + soya sauce + x sauce lol. so i insist on sesame sauce only lol

Food : *** ( Tom yam is not as spicy. Jpot special broth is good,)
Price : **** (slightly steep)
Customer service : ** ( we asked for refill but it took them ages to do it. We had to ask multiple staff to refill and only 1 managed to do it in the end.)

some of the must try ingredient i feel : fried bean curb, prawn noodles, meat balls