of a little taste of asian @ Asian Kitchen

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The Asian Kitchen ~ Honest awesome Asian food that wows me for the night! Located at Bugis Plus Level 4, many raves over their roasted chicken and other small dishes. very Hongkong style dishes and i love it! will definitely come back for more!

Food : ***
Price : ***
Customer service : ***

Our Dinner for the night

Lugang fried rice. each single grain of rice is coated with yummy delicious egg yolk that makes it look like gold on the plate. with super generous of chinese sausage and prawns..the fried rice not only looks colorful but also appetising for me.
cereal fried rice. never thought cereal and fried rice can taste so good together. is like bff. lol.

stirred fried season bean with salted egg. this is my favorite dish! yum. the salted egg is coated evenly on each bean. if you are a salted egg lover, you will definitely love this too!

For other Asian Kitchen, do visit their website @ http://www.theasiankitchen.com.sg