of simple dinner @ Crystal Jade ~ Holland V

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Simple dinner together with family is always the best moments i have every weekend and i am glad that LL made an effort to dine with my parents even though he is very busy with work. Usually he will do a quick dinner before heading back home to work from home. To allow him to go home earlier to his work, we usually dine somewhere near my place. So we settled down for Crystal Jade last Sun.

A few simple hearty dishes that marks the end of my weekend and now is the beginning of the new one.

Food: ***
Price : ***1/2
Customer Service : ***

Xue Cai ( snow vege it called? nt very sure but it seems that we cant buy this vege in the market. so far, i only managed to eat it in restaurants like Crystal Jade. something like preserved vege aka mei cai but it is fresh.) with  mushrooms and glutten. the glutten is made of bean curb skin and i love it

Sweet and sour pork again. haha. but this time is restaurant standard.

due to the recent haze and my mum is not feeling that well, LL ordered ginseng soup for every of us! yum. some restaurants will use the normal chicken instead of the black one. personally, i prefer to use black chicken for boiled herbal soup as it is more nutritious and taste better. The chicken is well cooked as the meat is super tender. 

Next is the salted fish with toufu and minced chicken meat! i love this dish alot! goes very well with rice! the toufu is super soft even after deep fried. the chicken meat is also very smooth and tender!

verdict : I will definitely return for more and will order the salt fish dish again! yumz!