of Taiwan Day 6 - Jiu Fen - Part 2 Kee Lung Night Market (food pictures....)

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Tim drove us to Kee lung night market for dinner on our first night in Jiu Fen, it is about 45 mins drive from Jiu fen (our mingshu). The night market is very different from those we had in taipei and is packed with alot of good and yummy food. the food at Kee lung night market is also much better than in taipei. according to tim, those in taipei is too commercialized and you dont get to eat traditional taiwan food there anymore! so, guess we are in luck to meet Tim who brought us around for alot of yummy food!

there are so many variety of food to eat and we got a hard time on what to eat lol. with our limited time in Jiu fen, these are the only food we managed to try. =(.

bacon wraps!

crispy chicken. we ate this almost everyday! so fattening..lol

some deep fried prawn ..not really nice..
fruit juice. mine is papaya milk, his is water melon milk. super good!

glutinous rice and their crab thick soup

famous taiwan sausage

oyster mee sua