of taiwan day 7 part 2 ~ Ping Xi

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This is the first time we explored out of Taipei city and into Jiu Fen and Ping Xi. We heard alot of nice sceneries at Jiu Fen and Ping Xi. Ping Xi is very famouns for Tian Teng ( sky lantern) when u reach there, you can see alot of people flying their Tian Teng. Just for experience, we also bought one ourselves. we wrote our wishes on the lantern itself and send it flying into the sky.

and yes, it is all bullshit. my wish did not come true. cos i wrote for Ronnie to get well but Fuck. he passed away the next day. What the hell. it only teaches me one thing. all these are bullshit. and to cheat money !@#@#$%%$#%

we made a mistake for buying tickets to ping xi only. should have gotten the day pass but we only have limited time to go to Ping Xi so...
the train is always fully packed with people.

our tian deng (sky lantern) with our wishes..ok. mine for Ronine doesnt come true but i hope the rest will..damm. else i will b cursing the shop until no day no night. we got one with different colors on each side and each color represent individual meaning like health, wealth, career, happiness
there are 4 sides and you can write your so call wishes on each side

after they lit up the lantern, you got some time to camwhore with your master piece before letting it fly high up to the sky.
and then up it go!

LL took a picture of me at the railway track lol. realize  i wear the same thing yrs when i travel to Taipei lol. except now is dr Mart shoes haha. the trusty old jacket has been with me for a long long time! and it still exist! bought it when me n hazyham working in singtel le. at esprit lo.
the weather was very bad that day. drizzling the whole day. and we are lucky that we both had hood on our jackets lol.

queuing for their sausage again...

every single shop also sell their iconic souvenirs ~ Sky lanterns. very cute but i din buy any cos i already got one in wofy which got me really pissed after Ronnie's death that i feel like throwing the damm thing away
 taiwan sausage

picture of LL pointing to where we were

we also tried their local soft drink. kinda weird as they got a marble inside the glass bottle. for wat i also dont know haha
artistic picture of the sky lantern hanging at the rail way station on our way back

cute auntie selling pineapple tarts that shaped like kittens. very cute!

ending the day with Ta- bao dinner from the night market at Rui Fang food centre haha