of yummy good food @ 85 Bedok North

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had a nice dinner @ 85 bedok north food centre with our STM gang. Bedok north food centre is not only well know for their famous bak chor mee ( did a post previously -> read here ). they also have very yummy food like fried oyster egg, BBQ chicken wing and BBQ sotong too!

Sin Bedok North BBQ chicken wing . very crispy and juicy.
85 Bedok North Oyster Omelette. i love their chilli sauce. taste heavenly with the oyster omelette. although i dont take oyster la but i take the starch thingy plus the egg haha.
Lin Yuan Satay. the satay meat is not too dry as compared to others.
Chan BBQ. a little too spicy for me but i love it haha.the sotong is not overcooked so it doesnt taste like rubber. The sting ray is quite good too.
last but not least, the famous bak chor mee. yum.

last but not least, us! after attending a wedding lunch reception before heading down to expo and then dinner after =)