of busy wkend ( late post) updates plus brunch @ Hainanese Market

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Super busy lately with my own personal life n i did not have time to explore new food hunts =(. and those place i went for my dinner and lunch will probably bored u to death! yea. i m a boring person when comes to a busy schedule.

in case you are wondering why i am super busy, so here is some quick updates la. ok.
 i m busy with my house lol!!! exciting for me. cos have been waiting for it for so long and i keep going to the construction site to peep at the progress. from a construction site to a site where the houses are more or less ready! so we went shopping for our electrical appliances over the wkend lo.

anyway, we went to Hainanese Market for brunch on Sun cos LL misses the prawn noodles there! This time round i tried the fried carrot cake there and it is really good! super soft and filled with alot of eggs ( super love).

milo korsong peng + tehsi peng

prawn noodles. he loves his yellow noodles which i dread it lol. i hate the taste of yellow noodles. dont ask me y. just hate it. usually if i wan prawn noodles, i will hav it in bee hoon soup lol

next is the fried carrot cake i am talking about! look at the amount of eggs covering the carrot cake! yumz!

ya. so this is the only newest find over the weekend =(. last but not least shall photobomb this post with my Faith's pictures lol. she is growing up fast!