of Holland V XO fish soup

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Holland V XO fish soup is one of the zi char food hunt that me and my family often patronize many years back. It is located at Holland neighbourhood before they shift to Dover area. They are very famous for their XO fish soup, sotong you tiao, their signature XO sauce toufu and prawn paste chicken!! Me and my family always feel stuffed after our meals there as their portion is really huge! the uncle there also very nice, he will often tell u not to over order the food as their portion is quite huge and will recommend very good dishes to you. The price is also very reasonable! we are their frequent customers that they could recognize us easily and know what we want to order!

Food : *** 3/4
Price : ***
Customer service : ****

Stirred fried tou miao

Sweet sour pork - not like others, they really serve chunks of meat..not flour!

signature toufu. this is a must each time we go there for dinner!
XO fish soup! i love their soup and fish. huge slides of fish and the soup has a strong fragrant and taste of XO

Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant
Location: 19A Dover Crescent #01-05, Dover, 131019