of nasi lemak good times with open rice @ nasi lemak kukus

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My first food review with open rice. frankly speaking, i have not participated in such gatherings and i really do enjoy the company of fellow food bloggers and the 2 host from open rice! i love it! i hope more to come!

anyway, the food review location is set at Nasi Lemak Kukus. It is located at upp thomson road. to many army personnels, it is located near nee soon area where the famous ampang yong tou fu is. For those car lovers, it will be near the stretch of shop houses where expressmotion is =).

here is the exact address of Nasi Lemak Kukus
908 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 787111

So whats so special about their nasi lemak that we all rave about?

dang dang dang....
Yes! their RICE and their Sambal!

First let me share more about the rice!
normal nasi lemak uses rice cooker to boil and cook their rice but here, the boss stress that they only use steam to steam their rice so that each grain of their rice is evenly cooked! according to them, this is the traditional way of cooking rice. Sadly, seldom people cook rice using this method cos its too tedious and troublesome =(.

Next is their Sambal. this is the first time i ate nasi lemak has 2 types of sambal for you to choose from. Sweet Sambal and Spicy Sambal. the sweet sambal is those normal type of nasi lemak chili while the spicy one is..erhmm..super spicy lol.

i also found something interesting in their menu this time - drip coffee. for those who do not know what is drip coffee, it looks like this ( below). yes, it is also the Vietnamese coffee la. Why i say interesting? cos i first time see a malay cafe sell Vietnamese coffee lo haha. hey, it is quite affordable here ok? cos $2.50 only

ok. back to their nasi lemak. the rice actually cost $1 and is refillable la. but the side dishes is not haha. on average, 1 side dish cost approx 1.50- 2.50. depending on the type of dish you choose and you get to scoop the amount you like ( kinda like buffet style but is only 1 time basis haha). there is also wide variety of side dishes for you to choose from! their famous one is their mutton cooked in rendang style. i love it! the mutton is quite soft and doesnt has that "mutton" smell / taste haha

their food is freshly cooked and replenish each time!
here is my plate of food!

Food : ***
Customer Service : ***
Price : ***

Overall, i like their rice and mutton rendang. I find the sweet sambal a little salty (aftermath). The drip coffee is really good ( Thanks for the recommendation). Sadly the location is a little too far for me unless i m around the punggol area / ang mo kio area. Parking wise is a little limited.

Will i come again? Yes, i havent try their power burger yet and if i am around the corner.=)