of a taste of Peranakan Cuisine @ Baba Wins'

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 A small restaurant that hides at a small corner in the shopping mall - The Star Vista. Me and LL was walking around the star for new food choices other than our usual ramen place and porn's. Had a little craving for something spicy ( but not too spicy ) that day. We stumble across this small restaurant that serves Peranakan Cuisine and decided to give it a try.

 For benefit of others who may want to visit this place, here is the full address with unit number
 Baba wins' Peranakan cuisine
The star vista Vista exchange green s(138617)
Telephone : 6268 9370 / 9735 9178

Very sincere Staff - waitress and chef ( i think cos she came out of the kitchen to serve us the food while the waitress is taking order from other table and then she went bk to cook again). the place is rather small that sits less than 30 pax at the same time? the dishes on the menu is limited but i guess u only need a few good ones to get returning customers. The price is also reasonable.

 Food : ***
Price : **
Customer Service *** 1/2
our total spend is 37.95 for 2 pax.

here is what we ordered
1. Assam Fish w lady's finger  -$10.50
2. kang kong - $8
3. chinchalok omelette - $8
4. rice -$2
5. lemongrass drink -$3

their own made sambal chili
chinchalok omelette. seriously, if you ask me to eat chinchalok alone, i rather die than eat it cos i find the taste pretty weird. i was very skeptical on how this dish will turn out as previously i already had phobia of the chinchalok smell and taste. However, this dish turn out pretty well and i quite like it as the egg is very soft, there isnt strong taste of the chinchalok but yet you know it is chinchalok la.

Assam fish w lady's finger. this is the dish i actually have cravings for. haha. i wanted to eat something sour and spicy lol. but i was a little disappointed with the fish that they used. maybe if they use batang fish, this dish will taste differently or maybe this is the original peranakan dish.the assam soup is really appetizing to go with rice
kangkong. the chef is pretty nice to come and explain that the red chili is actually for decorations and is not spicy at all ( cos previously i ask if the sambal kangkong will be very spicy) lol

will i come again? Yes. i intend to bring my parents too!