[Food Review] a taste of traditional in a different way

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This is my second time with OpenRice and i had so much fun! This time we went into the Havelock Neighbourhood to search for more yummy food!

A newly opened restaurant sitting along the road of Havelock Road. If you do not take a stroll along the street or if you do not live in Havelock neighbourhood, you probably will not notice this little gem.

This restaurant is opened by a lady boss who wants to share the love of claypot rice and she invented many fusion type of claypot rice for her children that is worth mentioning here! Many of the dishes are her own recipe too! and guys, fret not for the "always" the same claypot rice as ladyboss say she always want to experiment with new dishes to share with her customers!

Ladyboss and the host - CalvinTimo!

Signature Stone Restaurant
729 Havelock Road, Singapore 169649
Tel: 6271 9918

So what so special about the claypot rice other than new fusion dishes?
Tradditional claypot rice is cooked using clay pot ( ya...thats y is call claypot rice ma). Stone restaurant uses the pots that are being used for bibimbap! The reason is because this type of pot will constantly keep the rice warm ( trust me..after i finish my rice, the pot is still warm!) and the constant heat from the pot will help to create more rice crust ( for those clay pot rice lover gonna love this!) and not letting it to go chao tah! and the best part of their rice is..they cook the uncooked rice in the pot ( all the way until it is cooked!) so you will need to give them a call before coming down so that they can prepare the rice for u!

another thing that is worth mentioning here is their sambal chilli! it is lady boss's secret recipe and it really set your taste bud on fire!

now here are what we had!
Stone Pot Bacon & Cheese Rice  ($10.90) – Bacon, mushroom, herbs with cheese
a fusion mixed of western bake rice and chinese way of cooking rice. The cheese is not too much so you wont get the gek lat feeling. However, i feel the rice is a little dry for me. nevertheless, it is something new to try out!

next is the stone chicken pot  ($5.30) – Special marinated chicken, salted fish, sausage, mushroom and veg.
 this is my favourite! they added alot of salted fish inside and the chicken meat is very smooth and tender! guess what? they use drumstick only lo! With lotsa of chinese sausage and salted fish, this dish is like heaven to me haha. but, i find that a little more pork lard oil added to it will make it taste even better! but lady boss say they are practising healthy lifestyle but they can give additional shallot oil by request!

next  Stone Pork Chicken, Longans & Black Bean Soup (Big - $12.40) – Chicken, dried longan, black beans and slice licorice
This is my first time drinking soup cooked with dried longan. the longan added a different fragrant and taste to the soup. if you see from the picture below, the boss is super generous with the ingredients! and this dish is a super duper healthy dish for black beans is very good for legs, mushrooms is very good for lowering down blood pressure! and it is cooked for very long hours without MSG!

next,Wine Chicken - $8.00
a soup that will warm your stomach on a rainy day! the chicken is cooked in the chinese wine together with some dried chilli to strengthen the taste of the soup. The dried chilli gives the soup a little spiciness which helps to even out the bitter taste from the wine. 

next,   Onion Cheese Mushroom Omelette - $6.00

rthis dish is my favorite too! the egg is not overcooked and it is very soft and smooth! the lady boss added some cheese to give the egg a better texture and better taste! the cheese is just nice and will not make you feel gek lat lol... 

next is their mango ice cream ($2.60)!
the mango ice cream is really very good! you can taste pieces of mango inside! not too sweet for my liking! a definitely must order dish!

Food : ***
Price : ***
Customer service : ****
will i come again? : Yes! i will! for a soup fanatic, i will definitely come back for more soup!