of me and Faith

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Faith is about 3 month plus now which means Ronnie has left me about 5 mths already. Faith is growing up strong and healthy. i pray that she will continue this way. since my last handling with Ronnie, i learnt many things. time spend with pets are very short as they dont live longer than us, they treasure the time they spend with us more than us. and very often we took them for granted. especially me. I never realize the time i spend with Ronnie is so little that he is suddenly gone like that. i tend to appreciate the time i have with Faith more now. I am willing to sacrifice more trips, my classes for Faith ( although i did too for Ronnie).

I also learnt that commercial food are really bad! totally bad. somehow i feel natural food, homecooked food is always the best! everyday i ensure that Faith gets homecooked food. even her treats are baked by me. I now got a dehydrator to make pork jerkies for her. not that i dont want to do it for Ronnie. just that i din know that treats off the shelves could be so bad..after much read up, i realize food i have to dog is only safe through me as only i know what it is made of. I bought cookbooks to learn to cook for Faith, i ensure that without eating commercial dog food, her daily nutrient are covered with the variety of vege, meat..etc.

Another lesson i learnt too is that i shouldnt encourage the dog to keep taking medication. Ronnie had always been given steroids for any tom dick henry illness like lao sai, skin problems..etc. which is really bad! medicine are bad! the best way to go is herbal. with the last few mths of Ronnie's life, i seen how TCM works and TCM uses the natural herbs which is safer and not damaging to the health. although progress is slow but at least, the side effect is lesser.

and also chemical used for tick repellents are bad too..somehow i feel Ronnie's spine problem is also caused by too much chemical in his blood..thus now i use neem oil, herbal essential oil. i dont know how effective it is but it is highly recommended by my friend who is Ronnie's dog trainer also communicator. i also adopted Ronnie tru her.

Ronnie is really a painful lesson for me and until now, i can still think of him and i cry. cos i din do enough, i thought i can take care of him. i know the proper way but he died becos of me. now with Faith, i will give her my best. i promise. i pray that she will stay safe, healthy and strong. Amen