of Watami time

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i love the set meal from Watami cos they are super value for money! at a price of 69 bucks for 2, you get to eat many dishes already! this time, we formed a pax of 4 so i get to eat more food at only 129 bucks hahaha.  super duper value for $$

As usual, the set meal comes with salad, main dishes, side dishes, drinks..etc. there are some food items that are fixed and some you get to choose from the list of variety la.

the tempura and their salad is fixed in their menu. although is fixed, it is something that you die die must try especially their watami salad! i m not really a salad fan but i m totally in love with the salad! the salad is super fresh and the half boil egg adds more freshness to the veges! i love the crispy breadcrumbs too!

their tempura prawns are also very fresh!

their sashimi too!

this is something that you must order!!! their wafu pizza! unfortunately, it is only available in their deluxe set! the pizza uses a super thin layer of crust ( like nann) and japanese pizza usually comes with mayo..and i love mayo lol

next is their korean army pot (kankoku butechige)! i am totally in love with this! the soup uses miso as a base, the kimchi added some spiciness to the soup which blends super well with the instant noodles and korean rice cake! you can also order additional rice cake / noodles at 1 bucks per plate.
their tonpeiyaki! superbly good but sadly too cheesy for me lol!

next is their terayaki squid. although doesnt taste like rubber but is alittle too salty for me.

lastly is their irodori chirashi sushi! not bad. but i dont really like it as i m not really a fan of wasabi

food : ***
Price : ** ( go for their set meal!)
Customer service : ***

will i go again? of cos! needless to say, this is already my 3rd time to this restaurant in this yr!