[Review] eTude's 6 in 1 cushion BB

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I am so in love with cushion BB nowadays! it has become my favourite makeup product and i am using it everyday for sunblock, light makeup for weekends and even my daily office makeup base! I previously did a review on Laneige snow bb soothing cushion lor -> http://princessmic80.blogspot.sg/2013/05/review-laneige-snow-bb-soothing-cushion.html

now i m bk for more! this time i try eTude's 6 in 1 cushion BB and the compact powder! i must say 2 words! MAJOR LOVES

Reviews on BB cushion

the cushion house is slightly bigger as compared to Laneige's and is easier to blend on to my face. the color tone although there is only 2 type but it matches much better for me than Laneige ( more more natural. Laneige one still abit off color if i put on a foundation base ) and provides more coverage. Overall, i prefer this than Laneige now. lol.

next for their compact face powder.
this is another my favorite product as compared to my chanel powder pact. lol. the powder is very light and easy to put on. it doesnt give the chalky feeling and looks very natural on my skin tone. it also covers up my pores and set the makeup nicely. it also controls oil much better as my face only gets oily after 1-2 hrs than normal 1 hr. it doesnt oxides easily too!

so thats the end of my 2 recent products i purchase from eTude house! love it! ending the post with a picture of me using the 2 products only.