[Food Review] Sincere food from Sik Wai Sin Eating House

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As the name of the place says "Sik Wai Sin"(Cantonese) in English is Eat comes first. With no physical menu, all menu is up on each waitress/ waiter 's mind and only 8 different dishes available. It is not easy to WOW many people nowadays and yet, the sincerity of the chef and the skills of preparing the dishes touches each and everyone's heart that draws crowd to this eating house.

Located at the street of Geylang , it is not too difficult find the eating house. The eating house has been there for a long time and it has been passed down to the second generation from the old chef himself. Now the 2 younger chef are in charge of the kitchen now. with no secret recipe, all home cooked style of food, it really gives one the homely feel. nothing special, just home cooked food. full stop.

i m very honoured to attend this food tasting session with Openrice and out of the 8 dishes, we tried 5 dishes that day! overall, there are some WOW and some Boo for me la. but i can there are more WOWs than Boo for me. =)

Dish 1 : Watercress Pork Ribs Soup ($12) . Cantonese are very famous for the soup. they love soup for dinner and they are very good in brewing soup too. The pork ribs are so well cooked that you can see that the meat is very soft ( all become pieces) when you scoop up the meat and veges together.

Prawns with Tofu ($20)- This is my favorite dish of the night. The toufu is really soft despite that it is deep fried.  the prawns are huge but sadly i feel that it is overcooked as the meat is pretty tough. the "zap" aka the sauce is very good and taste good with just a bowl of plain rice.

Minced Pork with Salted Fish ($12) - this is a very old school dish but still, eating at Sik Wai Sin makes it so refreshing. Why? The pork is very smooth and the salted fish is not too much to the extend that it covers the taste of the pork. although it doesnt give me the WOW, but it reminds me of home cooked food.

Sliced Beef with Kailan ($20) -  Cooking beef needs alot of skills especially if it is overcooked, it taste very hard and if it is undercooked, the meat will be super bloody and probably even the veges that comes with it will taste  of the blood. This dish apparently is my 3rd fav, second to the minced meat with salted fish. The beef is thinly cut and not overcooked however, the beef is too big for one mouthful bite ( i prefer it smaller). 

Song Fish Head with Bean Paste ($25) - this is the featured dish of the night. Song fish, is a fresh water fish and it is quite difficult to prepare the fish (removing the fresh water taste). but this dish, it really caught me by surprise! with alot of pork lard and the bean paste, the fish doesnt have any "fresh water" taste at all! the fish is also super fresh! 

Food : ***1/2
Price  : ***
Customer service : ***
Will i come again? Yes, definitely. the homely food that makes me come bk for more with my friends and family!

Sik Wai Sin
Address: 287 Geylang Road, Singapore 389334
(It is located at Lor 15 Geylang Rd)