of to heaven and back last Sat ~ Omakase @ Teppei

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Sound exaggerating? Nope. Last Sat i was fed with the finest japanese cuisine that it sent me straight up to cloud nine + tears streaming down from my eyes...it is too delicious that words cannot best describe my feelings except i tempt you with all the food pictures i took last Sat. muahahaha.

You must be trying to think where i was last Saturday? haha.

Teppei Restaurant
1 Tras Link #01-18 Orchid Hotel Singapore 078867
Tel : 6222 7363
Lunch ( Mon- Fri : 11:45am - 2:30pm) Dinner : (Mon - Sun : 6:30pm - 10:30pm)

The restaurant is opened by Yamashita Teppei. During lunch time, they serve bento sets and other japanese dishes ( my friend tells me that is super good too) but at night, they serve omakase. and yes! I was there for their Omakase muahahaha

So what is Omakase?
‘Omakase’ simply means “I’ll leave it to you”. The chef decides entirely what you eat, beginning with the lightest starters, proceeding to the richer dishes and ending with a dessert. At Teppei, you would be given some choices, for example between rice or noodles. 

Their Omakase is priced from 50 upto 85 bucks per set. Trust me, it is really worth every single cent. and Yes, it is a counter only restaurant that can sit up to 20 pax at one time only so there is a waiting Q that you need to join. for your info, the reservation list is fully taken up until end of this yr and you will need to book for next yr slot already! since we are there, we opt for the most expensive one la..

Food : **** ( out of 5)
Price : *** ( comparing to the type of food we ate that night, it is super value for money!)
Customer Experience : *****
Will i come again ? : i love it sooo much that i put myself on waiting list everyday! one call and i will rush my way there muahahahaha

Here is what we had

Appetizer. the vege is so fresh and the salad sauce is sooo good. first dish already set me up on preparing to take off mode haha.


this one taste like super well cooked radish soup...i love this.

roasted version instead of the usual type.yum

Sashimi...that send me up to Cloud 9 already..the sashimi is super fresh! i just eat it without wasabi.

while we busy eating, Teppei-san aka the owner chef is busy preparing the dishes with his team of helpers and another chef in the house

sushi handroll....served by Teppei san...oooo...touched until can cry! i mean after i eat, i m so touched until can cry hahaha...the handroll looks simple and plain but inside, OMG OMG OMG!!!!! i can only say....heaven!

chawamushi, best i ever had so far

butter clam soup...clam is super fresh!

btw, you can also toast to Teppei-san and he is super friendly..

sea urchin with scallop....i am already floating in the air..lol

i gave my first virgin try on oyster to this restaurant lol....never tot it will taste so good...

some kind of shell fish and it is super fresh..


Teppei san and team keeps giving us surprise lol. the bean curb skin that melts in the mouth like ice cream

super friendly team giving out "lollipops" hehehe

gingko nut...hehe..doesnt taste bitter at all

tempura puffer fish they say..lol..the fish meat taste super good!

i love this....OMG...

baby yam..

the beef that sends me up to heaven and dont feel like coming bk hahahaha

smoked radish

some seaweed thing...

Hokkaido hairy crap soup

for our set, we are served with 4 spoon of sashimi rice..i tell u..each spoon can send me bumbing ard like a bumber bee...

sadly, good things has to end..haiz. ending the night with durian ice-cream for me. and here i am. back to earth and monday liao.