of Bali-Thai

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Head down to the newly renovated Suntec for dinner the other day. Decided to have Thai food for the night and we settled for Bali Thai.

The food is quite nice but the price is slightly steeper than other Thai Restaurant. The customer service is pretty good as the manager actually recommend some good signature dishes to us and we have no regrets ordering it! The food serving is quite huge with alot of ingredients so i guess it will compensate on the slightly stepper price? lol. here are some of the food we ordered

Home made lemon grass drink. A little disappointed as there is no taste at all except it smells all lemon grass. I thought it will be a little sweet at least?

tom yam soup clear. I am quite surprised to find mussels in the soup as other Thai restaurant i only see sotong, prawn n fish haha. Too bad. i m not a fan of mussels so i dont really enjoy it myself but the soup is really good

Green curry. I like this. It goes super well with plain rice and i managed to finish my rice that night just with this alone lol ( please dont ask me how much rice i took that night lol..)

Platter of thai fish cake, spring roll, satay and rice cracker...i think we love thai fish cake so much that we ordered another round of that and we were stuffed with fish cakes hahaha

grill fish! this is very good. The sauce and the grill fish ~ Superb! the fish is super fresh!

kang kong! my favourite. no fanciful way of doing this dish and yet it is so yummy. lol

Phat Tai. very generous with the ingredients. I see mussels the second time of the night lol.

Tang Hoon. I prefer this over Phat Tai. Actually this bowl belongs to someone else cos i finished mine and realised i forgot to take picture of it hahaha

Food : ***
Price : ***
Customer service : *** 1/2
Will i come again? Yes