of Whole Earth Peranakan Vegetarian Food

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Whole Earth restaurant started since 2003 that offers another alternatives to normal vegetarian food ~ Thai Peranakan cuisine. The restaurant has also gain its reputation for many winning awards too! Located at Peak Seah street, the restaurant is a 1 level restaurant and is usually packed with alot of customers. So if you do want to dine at Whole Earth, do remember to make your reservations to avoid disappointment.

Exact Address
76 Peck Seah St 
Singapore 079331 

Contact us:
Tel: 65 6323 3308

The variety of food actually surprise me as they do offer more variety than some of the zi char vegetarian restaurant. Food taste wise, there are some dishes that wow me and some that give me a boo. The price is consider pretty steep. Each dish is approx 10 over bucks for small size.

Here are some of the food we had that night

Fried Mee Sua (7 bucks)- I find this dish is pretty good for vegetarian style of cooking. The mee sua is not too soggy nor it is very hard. it doesnt really taste vegetarian to me

Double boiled nourishing soup - 28 (S) / 55 (M). i guess this is the most expensive dish of the night. We ordered a small one to share which is slightly just nice for 4 of us. The soup is pretty much "herbal" taste with bamboo shoots in it. The taste wise is ok for me. nothing much to wow about and neither to boo about. OK only

Oatmeal tofu with curry leaves (15 bucks). i love this. especially the oatmeal. The toufu is pretty crispy but soft on the inside.

broccoli with braised monkeyhead mushroom (19 bucks). For those who love monkeyhead mushroom will love it and vice versa. For me, i am a fan of mushrooms so i love the taste of monkeyhead mushroom. but sadly this dish doesnt give me a WOW. is just a normal stirred fried except with premium ingredients
nonya curry (18 bucks) . this one gives me a boo. the curry powder is too much and too dry for my liking.

i cant remember this dish name but is definitely worth the try. it is in one of their specials i think.

here, you can choose unpolished rice or white rice to go with your meals! for those who are very health conscious, you can opt for unpolished rice!

Food wise : ** ( Ok only)
Price : ****
Customer service : * ( slow in serving customers and attending to customers. i seen they are quite rude to the guest at another table)

Will i come again? Sorry. dont think so