Authentic and Healthy Korean food @ Oh Neul Han Jeom

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Havent been to Telok Ayer Street for dinner for a while and little i know that i have been missing alot of good stuff there. Especially this one! Located at one of the shop houses along Telok Ayer Street, this restaurant is opened by a Korean boss Will Jeong, a super friendly boss that served authentic and healthy korean food. So do i know that the food is authentic? Well, the chef is also a korean too! dining experience there really brings me back to my memories of my Korean trip!

Oh Neul Han Jeom
177 Telok Aye Street Singapore 068625
Business Hour :
Mon - Sat : 11:30am - 2:30pm (Lunch) 6:00pm - 11:00pm(Dinner)
Close on Sunday

Contact : Will Jeong (Director) Tel: 6221 0401 Mobile : 9231 0959

Oh Neul Han Jeom is very well known for their Korean BBQ. But, i am sharing with you another dish that is not BBQ this time!

Budae Jjigae @ $35. It is actually stew with ham (luncheon meat), sausage, kimchi and toufu! it comes with Ramen but u need to top up additional $5 for it. but trust me, the ramen is really worth it! it is so yummy that you will ask for more! the stew is served in steamboat style ( with korean pot) and i can tell you, it is flooded with alot of ingredients so it is totally worth every single cent! The soup is super good and i super love it! it is not too salty nor it is too sweet. I think the chef must know that we are super hungry so the noodles is already more or less cooked so it just need to get heated in the steamboat and we can just dug into it! did i also mention that i love their fish cake? lolx

Haemul Pajeon @$20 bucks. this is highly recommended by the waiter and i tell you. you will never regret ordering this cos this is the best korean pancake that i ever had so far! the pancake is cripsy on the outside but soft on the inside. Filled with alot of ingredients ( not like others that you find nothing inside but starch and miserable veges).

and never to be missed is the refillable side dishes..i love the side dishes! especially their kimchi and also the salad! is soo good...that i ask for second serving but i stop after the second one cos the food we ordered is too big servings and we need to ask for takeaway (for the pancake).

Food : ****
Price : ***
Customer service : ****
Overall, will i come again? Yes! i cant wait to try their korean BBQ