[Event] Ba la ba la pa pa ~ Great News from My Mcdonalds!

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Our best-selling burger from Japan is now in Singapore! If you are a shrimp lover, you will be as excited as me!!! This is the first time Mcdonalds are bringing in the new burger from Japan!


Introducing the brand new Ebi Burger – a tasty combination of succulent whole shrimps in a golden breadcrumb patty, topped with thousand island sauce and crisp lettuce, in between lightly toasted sesame seed buns.

I am honoured to be one of the bloggers selected to get my "hands" ( taste) on Mcdonalds's new burger ~ Ebi Burger, banana pie and their McFizz!  YippEe!

Tropical Tango McFizz, fancy a cool drink for a warm afternoon?? This is the one! the soda like drink with Tango flavour can set the "coolness" into your body and love the tangy orangey taste!

now...it is time to reveal .....the star of the day!!!! the EBI Burger...

opps. no la..this is the origami we did while waiting for the food to start lol.. cute right? hehe. back to the EBI burger!

The Ebi patty is huge O_O and covered with lettuce and thousand island sauce and placed in between the soft but yet slightly top crispy bread , one word! ~ Heaven!

OMG can you see the tiny EBI from the burger??? let me give you a closer look!

SEE??? real prawns!!!!! dont u just love Mcdonalds? they really pamper you to heaven lo! OMG i m loving this!!!

next is time for desert! introducing their new banana pie!!! it taste abit like goreng pisang but i love it! i am their fan for pies! apple pie and now my fav fruit ~ banana! Pipping hot pie with rich banana sauce! i love this too!!!

look at the fillings!!! Oooo lalalah....

looking at my face, you can see that i enjoy myself and indulging into the super yummy pie...drool...

Looking at the food i just had, so do i get you tempted to try their new menu???? They will be available on 7-Nov but i heard that it is while stock last!!! so what are you waiting for??!!!!!!! Head on down to McDonalds on 7-Nov to try out their new food items!!! You will not regret and be back for more ( just like me!!), trust me!!

You can complete your Japanese feast with a refreshing Tropical Tango McFizz and a hot, toasty banana pie. The Ebi Feast meal which consists of an Ebi Burger, Tropical Tango McFizz, Banana Pie and large French fries is available for a limited time only.

Good day!