@ Grandma's

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Not my grandma's house but is a restaurant call My Grandmas'. The name of the restaurant gives me a very personal touch as I am very close to my grandma since i am young and i love to eat the food my grandma cooks. She is such a great chef in cooking nonya delicacy.

This is not the first time i go to My grandma's. In fact, this is my X times there and i developed a couple of must have dishes already. Usually i go there to curb my cravings for these dishes. lol. the restaurant actually gives you a very homely feel as they really serve home cooked style food.

So there is a peep to what are my must have dishes in my Grandma's

Balachan 's lady's fingers. this is definitely my favourite dish. every time i go to My Grandma's, this is a must order dish lol. the balachan chilli is not too spicy for me and is cooked just nice. Not too soggy and it is not too dry for me to go with the rice. i can finish my bowl of rice with this alone!

Next is the spinach toufu with shimiji mushrooms. this is also one of my favorite dish! the toufu is home made , topped with a layer of spinach. The sauce for the toufu goes very well with white rice too!

next their beef rendang! this is really good. my first time tasting it and i love it! the beef is super tender after cooking!

Food : ***
Price : ***
Customer service : ***
Overall, will i come again? Yes