of Pu tien's set lunch menu

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I have been to Pu Tien for dinner before and this is the first time i tried their lunch set menu. Pretty value for money i would say especially i get to select dishes from a few variety (for appetizer, main course and desert) and form the set lunch menu.

this time round we took the set lunch for 58+ for 2 pax

pork belly with garlic - i love this. seriously! the pork belly is not as fatty for a health conscious person like me.

Bamboo herbal prawn. - It taste very much like drunken prawn except it is added with some herbs in it. The soup is refreshing but the prawn is overcooked i feel.

for our main course, we took xin hua lor mee. at first, i was quite sceptical on how this dish would taste like from the look at it but it is actually very good. love the fresh clams in it!

steam ground fish with chilli. i love this very much. the chilli is not very spicy and is very appetizing for me lol.

for desert, we made a terrible mistake lol. the desert is actually quite nice. just that we dont like it. it is pumpkin cream with ice cream.

it comes with complimentary fruits

Food : ***
Price : ***
Customer service : ***
Will i come again ? : Yes