Maldives 2013 ~ The Residence ~ Arrived @ Maldives and our Room

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So the story goes. It took us almost half a day or more to reach the island. The scenery is breathe taking actually. The pain to go there unexplainable. haha. if you ask me if it is worth it, well, i can only say i will go there once but not twice. Cos i want to go winter places la. haha

After we arrived at the resort, we went to their lobby for check-in. we were warmly welcomed by their hotel staff. Their welcome drink ~ fantastic. Service ~ Fantastic. They did a very detailed explanation of the whole island, directions and also activities.

the water is super clear and you can really see fishes in the water. Beware, there are big header green flies flying around u. the weather apparently was quite good that day although is monsoon season. was told that it was raining for the past few days before we came.

The free accommodation bySheraton is actually a beach villa and thanks to the Husiban, we got to stay on the little huts on the water which is call water villa with a topup of 200 USD per night. We din managed to get the pool villa (those with a swimming pool directly outside the resort) cos it is fully booked. I am glad we din cos the pool is super small and you dont get to swim far and it is a beach resort. y swim in the pool??

the tropical welcome drink from The Residence.

After that, we went straight into our room. Was quite tired from the flight actually. but we managed to take pictures and "goofying" around before we took a nap. Actually for this trip, we have been "sleeping" alot . during flights, in the resort..most of the time.
our bedroom. our villa comes with a living room area, and our bedroom is facing the sunset and i love it. Ya. you wouldnt want to wake up super early due to sun rise. so sunset is better lol.

The living room is actually quite spacious and you are linked to the deck area where u can go straight to the sea. The water is pretty shallow and you can see tiny fishes and corals below. a good place to go snorkelling.
ok. our room number is actually 318 lol

ok. back to our room. There is 2 showers area and 1 toilet. i doubt anyone would be interested in how the toilet looks like la. but their shower area maybe haha. ok. they have a super big bath tub that is facing the sea. you can open the door and bathe in the "sunset" view but again, other ppl who are snorkelling can see u bathe and also your neighbours lol. if you dont mind, you can open the door. Oh you will also invite alot of flies into the villa. *faint*

Everywhere in the villa is accessible to the sea. the other shower area is actually outdoor ( but covered la). you can shower under the moonlight if you like.

The rest of the villa.
the deck area where u can enjoy the sun tanning together with flies haha. from the pictures, you can see the small swimming pool for the pool villa. and well, doubt you want to try swimming naked in the pool cos everyone can see u lol. i seen couples swimming in bath robes and i find it funny haha. and my neighbours? are korean couples who loves to camwhore in the pool, do alot of funny positions and take photographs. pretty entertaining while you sun tanning.

ok. thats all for be continued...


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