Maldives 2013 ~ The Residence ~ Journey to Maldives

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Sorry peeps, i have been MIA for awhile as i was preparing for my wedding for the past two weeks. Had a lot of backdated post on food too but i decided to do something different today.

We got free accommodation @ The Residence , Maldives when we booked our banquet dinner at Sheraton last year. It was a 3 night stay @ The Residences with free complimentary breakfast. The only thing that set us to this beautiful island will be air tickets. We did a few rounds of scouting for good tickets - reasonable price with good timing, we went up taking AirAsia from KL to Maldives.

So after our wedding, we started our short getaway ~ Maldives

Our flight starts as early as 8am in the morning. We are supposed to fly to KL to take another plane to Maldives. This sounds crazy but if compared with the rest of the weird timings from the other airlines, i think it is worth it cos i also get to stay in KL when we fly back from Maldives. lol.

Sheraton being very nice, packed our "breakfast" as we need to checked out early in the morning and not in time for breakfast. although is just some bread but is the thoughts that counts!

of cos, we won't forget our daily dosage of coffee. hehe.

the flight from SG to KL is approximately 1 hr. the weather was very good so we reach KL before the estimated timing.

while waiting for our next flight, we took some breakfast at one of the stalls in the LCCT. The penang laksa is really good. the noodles is very Q! i love it.

so there we are, we took AirAsia X to Maldives and i m quite surprised that we are given plane food haha. is complimentary. The food is nice except i ate it twice ( return trip also same thing) until i got really sick of it lol.

Good weather!

everything was perfect until we touched down at Male Airport. The customs took so long for clearance until we almost missed our domestic flight! Seriously, i almost fainted cos i won't want to spend the night at Male main island. nevertheless, The Residence staff is very efficient, he managed to get us board the plane even when the boarding gates was closed. oh, not to mention, our luggage as well!

the domestic flight took us 1 hr which includes 1 stop at one of the island. the plane is really small and i think this is the smallest plane i ever took lol.

so far 1 hr, we reached one of the island and from there, we need to take a speedboat to the island where The Residence is.

and then we finally reached our destination ...

to be continued...