Dinner @ Feng Bo Zhuang

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a very interesting concept restaurant where you venture into the wu lin (sword man) world. when step into the restaurant, you are warmly welcome by their friendly staff. the dishes are also named after some martial arts skills which is quite funny actually. The food wise is very china cuisine. price wise is quite value for money as the food quantity is huge

Food : ** 1/2 (very oily)
Price : **
Customer service : ** 1/2
Overall :  maybe will return for more food

Feng Bo Zhuang F&B Pte Ltd
57 Temple Street
Tel : 6223 3588
website :http://ahfbz.com

their "kong ba bao". this dish is quite special as they stirred fry the pork belly which is thinly sliced. it taste a little spicy but is very oily. it goes well with the deep fried bun.

sweet and sour soup. this soup is a boo boo to me. i find it quite tasteless except very sour. i don't really like the soup. but the serving is huge.

stirred fried xue cai ( preserved vege). this dish is quite nice except is very salty. it goes well with rice / porridge but if you eat it alone...i think u probably suffer from kidney failure.