My Cafe Hopping Journey ~ Flock Cafe

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This is my first cafe hopping of 2014. Me and my cols went to Flock Cafe for lunch. Cafe hopping becomes quite popular nowadays with the uprising of many cafes like P.S Cafe, Forty hands Cafe..etc. Being a foodie, i decided to jump up the boat and join in the fun!

Flock Cafe
78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-25
Tiong Bahru Estate
Singapore 162078

Opening Hours
Daily 8am - 6pm

Quietly located at 1 corner of Tiong Bahru estate, this cafe is not difficult to find. the deco of the cafe takes on a simple, minimalist design that makes you feel relax while having your meals. the variety of food unfortunately is not as much as i expect it to be. The food variety is mainly pasta, sandwiches and all day breakfast

Pancakes and mixed berries @ $12.90 ~ I feel the texture of the pancake is alittle dry. The mixed berries is too sour for me.

smoked salmon, romaine & tomatoes ~ $12.90. My col say this is good.

cheeky eggs @ $16.90. My col say this is good too.

For coffee lovers, not forgetting to order a cup of coffee to go along with your meal! although i dont really like their pancakes but i do love their coffee. =)

Food : **
Price : ***
Customer service : **
Overall will i come again? No.