[Food Review] My Cafe Hopping Journey ~ d ' Good Cafe

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Enjoy a whole new experience when you dine and drink @ d' Good Cafe.  The Husband and I were very honoured to be invited for this brand new experience by Street Directory and Jasmine Loh from d ' Good Cafe.

The cafe is located at Holland V and for those who often drive along Holland V, the cafe 's lawn is not hard to miss. The cosy cafe is 2 storey high with a built in lift.  There are 4 different settings - The Bar, The Lawn, The Attic and the Balcony. A place to rest and relax at one corner!

The cafe is very famous for their cheesecakes and they were baked by the boss himself with fresh real ingredients. So stocks can be limited. They are also well-known for their "Personalised Coffee" ~ Blend and Brew the way you like it.
For only $12.00, you can customised the coffee to your own preference of taste and you can simply name the coffee after the process. They will noted down your coffee and remake the coffee on your next visit! Love the coffee and want to brew it at home? Fret not, you can also purchase your custom blend coffee beans yourself too! Grinding services are available. but do note that, the coffee taste best when they are just grind! Did i mention that their coffee beans are roasted everyday to ensure the freshness of the beans?

So how does your "best" cup of coffee comes about? They have a 3 step custom blend process which comprises the following.
  1. Surveying to determine your coffee preference. Selecting the preferred taste that you want and they will determine the type of coffee bean to use, the amount to achieve the type of taste that you want.
  2. Coffee cupping to confirm your preference and beans for blending. They will select 3 types of beans that will match your preferred taste and they will grind it into powder form. Then they will ask you to take a sip of each cup and ask for your preference between the 3 types of coffee beans
  3. Blending, brewing and naming your own coffee blend. They will asked for your preference of coffee - be it light or heavy and select the brewing method to "carry out" the taste of the coffee. 

In addition to coffee, the cafe also offer fine teas, smoothies and fresh fruit juices. 

For adventurous coffee lovers, do try out their Dutch Ice Drip ($6.00) that serves in a wine glass. This  cold coffee gives a lingering and refreshing after taste effect.  For tea lovers, also do checkout their cranberry orange tea which is newly launched for the Chinese New Year!  

For earl grey lovers like me, i love their earl berry cooler ice blend with earl grey tea and strawberry! You will be surprised once you take the first sip! The drink is very cooling and refreezing. the blend between earl grey and strawberry is a perfect match!

For mocha / latte lovers, do check out their cute latte art! They are so cute that you can't bear to drink them haha. I love their mocha latte ~ super rich and creamy!

For those who are looking for casual dining, there are a wide variety of food to choose from their menu that comprising all-day breakfast, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, pie and cakes.

Calling out to all Mushroom lovers! Their cream of mushroom ($6.00) is super rich and creamy. You feel like drinking a mouthful of mushrooms each time. They added generous slices of Portobello mushrooms to enhance the taste too!

Their Chicken Tikka Masala ($12.00) that uses only fresh and not frozen chicken is not something to be missed. Although from the picture it look spicy, but trust me, it is not as spicy as you think. So for those people who do not take spicy food, do give this a try. the sauce is very thick and goes super well with the rice. However, i find the chicken meat is slightly dry but other than that, i give a thumbs up for this dish!

Seafood lovers especially people who loves prawns, do try their  Fresh sea prawn aglio olio ($16.00) and their fresh sea prawn pesto ($16.00).  The prawns are super fresh! Trust me, they only use the fresh and best ingredients!  The fresh sea prawn aglio olio maybe a little challenge for people who don't take spicy food though.

For sandwich lovers,  do try their bacon, tomato & rocket sandwich ( $10.50).  The ciabatta is very crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. According to Jasmine, they are particular on the quality of the bread and they only use good bread! The streaky bacon is very crispy and gives you a crunchy effect each bite. Their homemade garlic mayonnise brings the overall a whole new flavour!

Like i mention previously, they are well known for their cheesecake. seriously, they serve the best cheese cake that i ever had so far. Its a pity that we don't get to taste  they maple sea salt cheesecake ( they are the first to create this). But trust me, their other cheese cake are very good as well. Especially their Triplet cheesecake!  The rich dark chocolate with cheese and oreo are superb for chocolate lovers like me. Not too sweet to make me feel less sinful haha.  The bottom crust are manually done by hand so it is very firm!  If you prefer something light, do try their new york cheesecake!  The texture is very light and goes perfectly well with a cup of tea!

Overall, my review is

Food : ***1/2
Price : ***
Customer service : ****
Will i come again?  : Yes

D' Good Cafe

273 Holland Avenue #02-02/03 Singapore 278992
Tel: 6219 9807
Sun to Thur: 10am to 10pm
Fri & Sat: 10am to 11pm
Note: This is an invited media tasting