Epic fail at The Ship

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My friend highly recommend this restaurant to us that is pretty near our home. We were told that they serve very good western and value for money western food and so we go.

Very much that i want to say the food is ok but it is not ok. The customer service sucks as well. The waitress are so pushy to get us to order drinks that we actually "over" order when our set meal comes with Tea / Coffee / soft drinks.  They even mixed up our orders when i told them that i wanted my steak to be medium but it comes medium raw. or maybe their definition of medium is actually medium raw and i should order full cooked?

the soup that is never hot. i pretty sure that if the soup is hot, i think this is the second best dish of the set meal.

after re-arranging the best food, i think this is the best among all for that day! Bread from bakery ( i wouldnt think they make the bread themselves..so..this is it. shall not explain further)
their main course. wh ich fails terribly.  ok to be fair, the chicken wing is quite good except it is abit bloody.
-_-". the lobster? is overcooked. the meat is super dry

this is not the yummy one but i definitely finish it cos i am still hungry after the main course.

That was a night of terrible mistake of dining there. i couldnt even finish my food as it is so yucky and yes, i will definitely never return there again.

Food : *
Customer service : *
Price : **
Will i come again? No.