Hot Tomato epic fail

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So much about yummy tasting food that i post lately. Many of you may think that i am sponsored for all the food so i usually say good things about them. but frankly speaking, my sponsored post are usually listed in my Food Review page and they are my sincere feedback ( i do give some negative feedbacks if they are not good too). So most of the time, i pay for the food myself or rather Husiban pay for it. Sometimes i do really get yucky food and this is one of them. =(

We wanted to eat western food at the Star the other day and decided to give Hot Tomato a chance. So we enter the restaurant with much anticipation as there are alot of people in the restaurant. So we ordered our food and sit there patiently for our food to arrive.

We are delighted to see the food in less than 15 mins. but to our huge dismay, the soup is not hot. =(. boo boo. major upset when i dont get to drink pipping hot soup.

then next come our main course. I ordered teriyaki salmon fish with rice. the rice is those biryani rice which i dont like. cos it is very dry. The fish is still ok for me. i think the reason why they are call Hot tomato cos they give you lotsa of them? but anyway, it is good for health

fish and chips. nothing special but the serving is pathetic.

their grill food. probably is a mistake to try their grill food. cos is really over cooked.

Food : *
customer service : **
Price : **
Overall, will i come again? No.