[Recipe] Fried Rice

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I always love fried rice cos it is the easiest meal to prepare. only 1 dish and full stop. you dont need to go with any vegetables nor soup nor any meat dishes lolx. super easy dish for a lazy day. There are many versions of fried rice i tried and this happens to be my favorite one. i add in luncheon meat instead of char siew.

 1 can of button mushrooms each sliced into half
3-4 table spoon of mixed veges that you can buy from the super market. contains peas, corn and carrots
1/2 can of luncheon meat. diced and pan fried. you can also use air fryer to do it, it works the same. for air fry, 4-6 mins is good as it will remove the excess oil and make it very crispy
2 eggs ( make into scramble eggs and put aside. do not overcook the eggs if you prefer them to be soft)
1 ++ cup of plain rice cooked. you can also choose to use left over rice too
some shallots


  1. Stirred fry the shallots until golden brown using sesame oil.
  2. Add in the button mushrooms for approx 3-4 mins. do not overcook them. 
  3. Add in the mixed vege and stir fry for approx 3-4 mins too.
  4. finally add in the shallots, rice, follow by the luncheon meat and eggs 
  5. add some light soya sauce for seasoning purpose and mix them evenly.
  6. Serve when hot
Pretty simple to cook but it takes time to prepare lol.