[Recipe] Lor Bak

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1. some pork belly - depend on how much u wan to cook
2. dark soya sauce - i add about 6 table spoon cos i wan them really dark
3. light soya sauce - 1 table spoon
4. 2 Star anise
5. 1 Stick of cinnamon
6. 2 dried chili
7. sugar - i add about 3 tablespoon...cos the dark soya sauce is a little bit bitter ( but they say premium ones are like that)
8. 3 clove of garlic with skin
9.  3-4 slices of ginger
10. half pot of water...
11. some chinese wine

i set all to boil before adding in the pork belly. then i slowly let it cook using small fire until the meat is soft. the soup will also turn thicker when it is ready.